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Greg McGuirk Music & Audio
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a few examples...
  1. Your Money Goes With You
    Video targeting HR Directors, produced for ELFCU and Pete the Planner.
  2. "VTOL"
    Trade show video for Rolls-Royce. Features an orchestral "movie trailer" type score.
  3. Mister Quik Home Services
    50's style video / music / audio treatment for 2017 campaign.
  4. Ready to Live My Life
    Driving music video to promote graduation products from Herff Jones.
  5. MDWise Hip Life
    Custom score to animated TV spot. Features the wonderful vocal scatting of Polly B.
  6. Hope For Homeless Youth
    Image Video / fundraiser for Outreach, Inc.. They do an amazing job helping the homeless youth in our Indianapolis community.
  7. Jingle Demo
    Collage of many of Greg's jingles.
  8. Blue Sunday
    Colts Anthem leading up to their Superbowl victory for the 2006 season.
  9. Community Westview Healthplex
    Dubstep score makes this TV spot standout as a "not your every day Health Club".
  10. "True Love" by Jennie DeVoe
    Mockup of Greg's orchestral arrangement performed by the Muncie Symphony Orchestra.